Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's been a while *cough*

So we have been absent from this blog for some time. Well, a long time actually. 

The both of us was as usual, caught up in our respective lives. In 2014, I was at the worst job ever and Jade was busy with her studies, career and family. 

I am sure she had a great 2014. My 2014 was forgettable, literally. Ask me anything that I remembered in 2014, happy or unpleasant... Go ahead, I wouldn't be able to tell you, because I didn't remember. 

Or probably, refused to, said a close friend of mine. 

Anyway, enough of that. As far as our physical activities are concerned, and the state of our physical being, I am still pretty much, fleshy. 

Now that's the thing isn't it? When will we ever be happy about our body? I am a yoga practitioner, to a few of. My friends, my body is perfect as it is, yoga ass, yoga arms and yoga shoulders. 

But really, I don't think I am. 

So did I bask in all of my friends flattery? I always have this thing about them being too nice that saying the opposite would mean that they are hurting me... But really, I don't think I am quite that deliriously happy of my body. 

Still working on it of course, after all, yoga is all about self acceptance... It didn't say when will I get it though. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Detox and other things

I am currently on a 12 days liquid detox program, which I will follow with a strict lacto - vegetarian diet for another 12 days.

My off day would be on Sundays, when I will become a flexitarian. Meaning, I will eat everything, but will largely still be vegetarian.

The result of the liquid detox as of today (1 more day to go before Sunday!) had been astounding.

Although to be honest, I am a bit bored of the mainly fruity sweet menu that I have been taking for the past week.

I have lost almost 4 kilos so far and still losing. One of the things that I have read about a liquid detox is that, while the weight shed off effortlessly, the gain will also be 'effortless'.

To prevent this from happening, I will be on a lacto vegetarian diet for 6 days of the week, taking care not to consume too much complex carbohydrates and also starch in my daily diet.

My purpose in the detox program is mainly to flush all the toxins from my body after a week of Raya food binging. I was beginning to feel bloated and increasingly sluggish.

Thankfully, I am actually functioning better since I started the detox. I kept on with my practice as usual and I feel better.

Do I recommend everyone to try? Yes. But is liquid detox for everyone? No, not exactly. However, there are a few detox regiment available. Research is a must of course to make sure that the detox does not backfire.

Please keep in mind that this is a detox, and it is not exactly a diet. Keep this up in the long term, then it might cause more harm than good. We will still need solid food in our system, vegetarian or not.

Stay strong, healthy and excellent everyone!

With Love, Namaste.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

From September onwards


This happened.

If you practiced hard enough, 7 days a week... you might just be able to do things that you never thought possible. 

What's more awesome than zoning out on the mat? The fact that after this, I may be able to do a full Hanumanasana. 

With Love, Namaste. 


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's not good, but actually, it worked...

I had an emotional breakdown for the last month.

I lost a total of 6 kilos in a month, and it was not done the right way.

I lost my partner, who can be the love of my life in September. For one year and a half, he has been my confidante and the closest thing I have ever had to a life long partner. I was broken, for the first three weeks.

I stopped eating for the first 48 hours and stayed in my room, crying and trying to forget it by sleeping.

After that, I was trying to get my mind off it by over working my body. I was not eating enough and often, I dove into work.

Emotionally, I was in a state of shock, which I didn't realize, and sort of... refused to realize.

The 6 kilos loss, although... was favorable to me, was reaped out of an unfortunate event.

I trying to heal myself both emotionally and physically right now. I am still losing weight, but I am back on track with my eating habits.

One of my friends agreed that bad things do... work... to a certain degree... in a twisted kind of way.

Like when you had diarrhea (Which I have never had and wish that I will never have that awful experience) you tend to lose weight from all the trips to the toilet.

I have to thank my friends for reminding me that I still have a life to live. And first thing's first.... I have to heal my heart to heal my body.



Thursday, July 26, 2012


Hi all,

It is true that I update my personal blog of nothing much more often than I do on this blog.

It is also true that there are two authors in this blog.

My other blogmate is busy with being a mother, a wife and a student.

Me on the other hand, is busy with living life and thanking my blessings for everything great that happened.

Recently, I have decided to get on the organic wagon. Being organic needs discipline, and a considerably high monetary budget is preferable.

I started small, by buying organic manuka honey, peanut butter and vegies. It's manageable as there is only one of me to feed and so therefore, I don't need to fret when it comes to the price.

I am someone who plans her meal every two days. I will be visiting the grocer to get fresh produce so that I will be able  prepare a healthy wholesome meal.

I am not someone who would go to the grocer once a week, load up and to throw out some of the stuff that I bought because it goes bad. It's not effective, cost-wise.

I advocate an organic and eco friendly lifestyle, however, I also understand that not all of us can afford to do this. I don't push this belief (Or any belief) down anyone's throat, although I do sometimes talk about it and try to get them on the wagon. It's the same with working out, and being disciplined with what you believed in.

Have a blessed Ramadhan, to those who are fasting.

Don't use fasting as an excuse for gluttony. Eat smart and healthy!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Gym Routine 07/08/2012

Stairmaster : Speed 6 : 5 mins

Treadmill : Speed 7.5 : 0.5 km. 5 mins.

Balance ball squat : 10x 2 reps
Front kick : 15x 2 reps
Bosu push ups : 10x 2 reps

Cool Down :

Sun salutation 6x

Pigeon pose
Half plank pose

Thursday, May 10, 2012

How do you mend a broken...


Yes... well... mine is not that 'broken' but... I am trying my best to hope it won't go any more 'broken' than it is.

So the only thing that I have been doing was running.

And some non-wrist action interval training.

My right wrist was injured during a Chakrasana pose practice.

I lost my footing, and the weight of my body accidentally (naturally) fell on my right hand, twisted it in a microsecond and the wrist pretty much carried my whole weight before my whole body fell to the ground.

My wrist was sore after that but I didn't think too much about it (Mistake #1) because I have had yoga related accidents before this and usually it the soreness would be gone in 24 hours.

Unfortunately, the soreness turned to an annoying blunt pain for the next 72 hours, and then for the next two weeks, and then right until now.

I went to my chiro and was given a cold lotion thingy (pardon my uncivilized language when it comes to medicines and the likes) and was advised to ice my wrist for an interval of 15 mins for 8 hours (or so) for the next few weeks.

That's like a few weeks ago.

My wrist is still annoyingly sore. I am still annoyed that I can't so my salutations as usual.

Annoyed... Irritating..